Legal Counsel for Countries, Embassies, and Foreign Nationals

Hermina Law Group is recognized as one of the pre-eminent law firms practicing in the area of international law. With 30 years of experience in assisting diplomatic missions, countries, and foreign nationals, the Hermina Law Group is skilled in handling complex disputes giving consideration to cultural, customs, and traditions.

Ask About Our Flat Fees For Legal Services For Foreign Missions

Embassy missions face a range of U.S. legal issues on a daily basis, from establishing business contracts with service providers to litigation and criminal defense representation for mission personnel. Anticipating the cost of legal counsel provided by U.S. attorneys is one of the most difficult challenges when budgeting for mission operations. Hermina Law Group offers international embassies the option of monthly flat fees for a range of predetermined services. The flat-fee arrangement can help your mission save many thousands of dollars in unexpected and unbudgeted legal costs.

Upon consulting with our law firm, we will determine a flat monthly contracted fee, which may include handling diplomatic issues and embassy representation for:

  • Business contracts and negotiations
  • Embassy personnel taxation matters
  • Immigration concerns
  • International business transactions
  • International satellite disputes
  • Airline purchases and commercial airline leases
  • Embassy staff DUI and criminal defense representation

International Business Law

If you run an international business, we can protect you as well. Our international business law attorneys know exactly how to deal with problems overseas and will actually travel to take care of your legal matters.

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