Protecting The Rights Of Consumers

Maintaining the trust between service providers and product manufacturers is the backbone of the American marketplace. When businesses ignore that trust, our courts give the consumer an opportunity to seek compensation for personal injury or financial damages.

From offices in Laurel, Maryland, and New York City, Hermina Law Group is in our third decade of aggressively protecting the rights of consumers. Our attorneys have a strong record of successful representation in individual lawsuits, multi-plaintiff litigation and class actions against some of the largest corporations doing business in the American market.

Our successful results include litigation cases involving:

  • Education fraud cases against for-profit vocational schools and career education centers
  • Industrial and consumer product manufacturers
  • Employers who violate state and federal workers' rights laws
  • Dealership auto fraud, car warranty scams
  • Wholesale distributorships
  • Public utilities
  • False promises, bait and switch advertising tactics
  • Fraudulent websites
  • Contracted service providers
  • Third-party subcontractors

Litigation For Consumer Fraud, Consumer Complaints And Employment Law

Litigation involving consumer protection laws and employee rights is often complex because the cases often involve a mix of state and federal laws. Our lawyers are recognized for our professional capacity to successfully litigate the most complex cases. Due to our reputation for excellence, a former governor of the State of Maryland appointed attorney partner John Hermina as the Vice Chair of the Maryland Commission on Human Relations where he served for eight years.

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Whether you are an individual seeking to protect your consumer rights, or are interested in joining a class action lawsuit, we are ready with the resources your case requires.

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