The Expertise of Technology Lawyers

Technology law is a relatively new branch of law that deals mostly with the Internet and properties concerning the Internet. In recent times it has become incredibly easy for the average person to make a website and post their individual ideas or thoughts on it. Since posting your ideas has become so easy, the opposite has become true as well: it is very easy to steal someone else's ideas and claim them as your own. This is where technology lawyers step in. These lawyers are familiar with intellectual properties, proprietary software, and other fields of technology that people can infringe upon. If somebody has wrongfully taken your ideas, our MD attorneys can help.

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How a Technology Attorney Can Help

One common case concerning technology law is proprietary software. This software belongs to one individual or party and is protected by its contract or licensing terms. The law behind this software also applies to its coding and other factors that create the software. Unfortunately, it has become very easy for the average individual to disassemble coding from software and claim it as his or her own. If you're having trouble with somebody stealing your software, a technology attorney can protect you. Even if you don't have exclusive legal rights to the software, it can still be proprietary and it is still protected. In cases like these, technology lawyers must have a wide knowledge of the Internet and how software is assembled/disassembled. To find a lawyer with that knowledge, turn to the Hermina Law Group.

Our Reliable MD Attorneys

Even though our attorneys are based in Maryland, we can protect you no matter your location. From local to international, our MD attorneys are ready to serve. By protecting you and your intellectual property we are able to ensure that nobody infringes upon your rights. This is what a technology attorney does and right here is the place to find one.