Our Reliable MD Attorneys

Located in beautiful Laurel, Maryland, the Hermina Law Group serves an incredibly diverse client base consisting of regular individuals, celebrities, and even foreign governments. Our international business lawyers can handle clients in the states or overseas. Not only do we specialize in international business, but we also deal with consumer fraud and technology cases. This broad range of cases keeps our MD attorneys on their feet and makes sure they're well read and knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. We aim to represent you sufficiently and make sure that the legal services you require are provided. If you're looking for a reliable MD lawyer, you've come to the right place.

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Competent Technology Lawyers

Out of the many practice areas we deal with, the one becoming the most popular is technology or Internet law. Our technology lawyers are well versed in dealing with intellectual property laws as well as patents and a variety of other issues that come up regarding technology. With cases regarding proprietary software, domain names, and trademark disputes, our lawyers are ready and qualified to litigate for you. If you're having a problem with an Internet-related dispute, you'll need a Hermina Law Group technology lawyer.

Technology and international business aren't the only things we handle. Our consumer fraud attorneys deal with a variety of scams and are well suited to help you recover lost money and damages.

Using Consumer Fraud Attorneys

With the recent growth and popularity of the Internet, many individuals have found ways to make money. Unfortunately, our MD attorneys have found that not all of these individuals have honest intentions. Some of these pushers of "get-rich-quick" schemes advertise ways for you to make money from home, make money off of friends, and other surefire and easy ways to make cash. If you've been hustled by one of these scam artists then our consumer fraud attorneys can help you recover money that you've lost.

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Our International Business Lawyers

If you're looking for the most competent, reliable, and respectable attorneys for a variety of different cases, you've come to the right place. The Hermina Law Group's international business lawyers can handle cases outside of the United States, even dealing with foreign governments. We are able to effectively deal with embassies and foreign missions. Our international attorneys are dedicated to protecting you if you've run into trouble outside of the country.

We invite you to learn more about how the Hermina Law Group can help you. Please continue reading our articles to learn about our technology lawyers and more.

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