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The existence of scam artists is nothing new. They've been around for years-on street corners, at carnivals, or even posting in the newspaper. Recently scam artists have realized that they can do much less work for much greater gains by using the Internet to their advantage. By setting up a false website or a misleading auction, scam artists have been using the Web to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. With convincing websites and other false credentials, these individuals claim to help you make money from home or sell things that aren't what they seem. If you've been scammed by one of these dishonest people, an MD attorney from the Hermina Law Group can help you.

By specializing in consumer fraud, our attorneys can flush out these deceiving individuals in front of a court of law and help you recover money or even award you punitive damages to deter these criminals from striking again. A consumer fraud attorney works for you and is looking out for your best interests.

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A Hardworking Consumer Fraud Attorney

Our lawyers are very knowledgeable in the field of consumer fraud and they know how to spot a fraudulent website or individual when they see one. An MD attorney from the Hermina Law Group can put this knowledge to work for you and allow you to get back whatever you lose from these fraudulent individuals. Our hardworking lawyers have dealt with many cases regarding false advertising on Internet auctions, including misleading items and situations where you receive an empty box without an actual product in it. They are also experienced with websites that purport get-rich-quick schemes and other things that take your money and in exchange give you a worthless product or pamphlet with common knowledge.

If you've been scammed by one of these dishonest people, please contact a consumer fraud attorney from the Hermina Law Group to learn what your options are.