One of the Best Maryland Law Firms

Part of what makes the Hermina Law Group one of the best law firms in Maryland is our diverse client base. Our clients consist of regular individuals, celebrities, companies/organizations, and even foreign governments and entities. By providing a large range of services and practicing in many areas, our firm is one of the best Maryland law firms available. Our expertise ranges from technology to commercial litigation to even international business. Our international business lawyers are ready to deal with all your business issues. We have decades of experience in dealing with foreign bodies including governments and companies.

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Our International Business Lawyers

As a law firm that specializes in international law, we are dedicated to making sure your name is clear in and out of the country. If you need legal assistance in another country, whether it's for personal or business matters, our legal team can help. Our international business lawyers can handle all forms of commercial litigation and they know what they're doing. This enables us to defend our clients overseas successfully. International business law or personal defense can be handled easily by a Hermina Law Group MD attorney.

The Best MD Attorney

John Hermina has been providing clients personalized and individual attention for almost three decades. Instead of the usual in-and-out the door business of many attorneys, John Hermina offers quality attention to his clients, enabling them to be a part of the process every step of the way. His goal is to be the best possible MD attorney he can be and he does this by addressing all of his clients' needs.

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