The Hermina Law Group has emerged as a full service law firm serving a diverse client base consisting of ordinary individuals, celebrities, corporations, as well as foreign governments. As it approaches its third decade in the legal profession, the Hermina Law Group is a firm that continues to believe in the importance of providing personal attention to all client matters.

Professional Maryland Attorneys

By providing personal attention to all of our clients, we keep you informed every step of the way. Many MD attorneys will take a look at your case and just be eager to finish it so they can get paid. The Hermina Law Group takes the necessary time to sit down with you and understand your situation so we know the best way to handle it.

George and John Hermina are skilled in a variety of practice areas, so no matter what you need help with, our firm can assist you with legal representation. Our technology lawyers can defend your intellectual property and other copyrights concerning Internet law. If you've been the victim of an on-line scam and you want your money back, we can help. Our skilled consumer fraud attorneys are knowledgeable in bait and switch tactics and other devious schemes. If you've been injured wrongfully, we can make sure you're adequately compensated. Our Maryland injury lawyers have dealt with many cases of employer negligence and defective products. If you run an international business, we can protect you as well. Our international business lawyers know exactly how to deal with problems overseas and will actually travel to take care of your legal matters. This is how the Hermina Law Group works hard to help protect you and your rights. We invite you to continue reading our articles to learn how a Maryland injury attorney from our law firm can help you today.